DJ Bio

A London based Collektive of 6 DJ’s who host private events as well as providing DJ services for hire. Good music knowledge spanning most genres and generations! MC will play all the good music (old and new) that most bars/radio stations are not playing!  Most appealing of all, Music Collektive events fully embrace the old adage of ‘peace, love, unity and having fun’ – through our re-representation of good, inspiring music.

Collektive ethos
The collective represent a set of shared values extended to and from our guests. Those values are an approach to enjoyment through music, people, life and well being. As an all inclusive group we appeal to a cross section of people encompassing a variety of demographics. Friends and strangers always feel welcome at our events; the music completes what are always trouble free opportunities to meet new and like minded people who all share in the enthusiasm for what we do.

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