DJ Bio

The year is 2009 and I’ve been using my Virtual DJ for a while now making mix CD’s covering all genres of music -THE LENG SLOWJAMS VOLS being the most popular with the public
One day I get a call from a young man asking me to join his new radio/internet station MELODYONE (#LONG I thought).I declined saying that the radio thing isn’t really me and just want to come home from work and not worry about coming out again (#BORINGOLEFART).
He then told me something that was to change my whole life as it stood then…….He said you wouldn’t need to come out of your home you can broadcast straight from home
I had never heard of broadcasting from home before so my ears picked up!! He had my undivided attention!! So after he gave me the easy sell I said ok i’ll give it ago …THE SOUL EXP was born…2012 I joined Sounds Of Urban London media (souluk radio) and also upgraded to using TRAKTOR PRO.THE SOUL EXP played the best in Old and New Independent Bassline Remixed, Refixed and Renditioned Soul grooves.Whilst hosting the show I came up with a concept which people got straight away…’KMT!!!'(Kiss My Teeth)Whats that got to do with music I hear you asking? Well nothing until now!!!.Everybody knows that kissing your teeth (or tutting as the british would say) is a sign of disapproval but I realised that I was kissing my teeth every time I heard a tune that really touched me. “CHOOOOOOPPPSS!!! WHAT A WICKED TUNE!!!”  Thus bringing forth ‘KMT MUSIC’

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