It has been confirmed that 24 year old Kevin has received a bone marrow transplant. He remains in hospital and is being taken care of by his Consultant and a team of health professionals

Over the Christmas and New Year break Kevin’s Consultants took the ‘urgent’ decision to give Kevin a fighting chance to try and save his life, Kevin received donated bone marrow cells (a bone marrow transplant) from his younger brother who is only a 50% match (Haploidentical)

A 50% matching donor transplant is a risky procedure and can cause many major side effects as the body fights to adapt to the donors cells, but this was Kevin’s only chance. Kevin remains in hospital and he is being monitored very closely. Its early days BUT we are all keeping Kevin and his family in our thoughts at this very difficult time.

Please keep Kevin in your thoughts and at the top of your prayers as we wait to hear if the transplant has been a success. Kevin will have a long recovery period ahead of him. In our experience for some patients the transition is smooth while it is not uncommon that many others experience symptoms, side effects, or complications that require re-entry into the hospital having already been allowed to go home. Of course, not all patients will need to re-enter the hospital

Kevin’s family have asked ACLT to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who registered as potential donors having heard Kevin’s appeal. Most importantly it is imperative that you all remain on the donor register in the hope of being a match for another patient in need of a bone marrow transplant now or at some time in the future. Following Kevin’s diagnosis, treatments and subsequent relapse of the disease they do not want other families to experience the heartache they had to endure whilst a search was carried out on his behalf and not knowing if he was going to find a match or what the future was for him

If you are reading this UPDATE and did not register for Kevin BUT would like to join the bone marrow register please call or email our office and we will advise how you can get signed up